5-Star Fucker – How to Have First Class Sex

Are you a 5-Star Fucker?

Do you feel alive, enlightened and fulfilled at every level? Does your partner?

If sex feels like a “service” or duty…Or just boring and monotonous…or maybe like something is missing…

Listen now as Ian and Shasta each share their five ways to become a sensational lover, no matter what.

You will hear straight talk about the power of masturbation, meditation and mula bandha AKA controlling your orgasm.

Why fly in coach when every man and woman can experience DELICIOUS First Class sex??

In this episode:

  • Learn what is 5-Star Sex, and if you’ve been having it.
  • Find out why frequency does NOT make you a 5-Star Fucker.
  • The 5-Ways as a Woman to Be A 5-Star Fucker, and the 5 Ways as a Man to be a 5-Star Fucker
  • Why you need to put the pussy on a pedestal.
  • Shasta also drops a bomb about masturbation and meditation and why women need both of these.
  • Ian shares why cock-fidence is essential as well as how he can hold back his own orgasm for hours!!

Listen now and be a 5-Star Fucker.