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To Deliciously Divine Sex, Deeper Connection & Soul-Full Love.

7-Star Love

is the home for highly-successful men and women craving passionate love and mind-blowing, orgasmic sex with a spiritually-connected soulmate.

Our clients have built extraordinary lives they love – but long for a whole new experience of intimacy and sexual-spiritual fulfillment.

Whether they're single and looking, or in a long-term relationship, they want raw, hot, spontaneous sex, and a rock-solid connection with their lover.

And a relationship where they feel seen, certain and loved.

Applying neuroscience, psychospiritual methodologies, Universal Laws and sacred, Indigenous practices, we’ve created a global phenomenon that makes love worth making.

If you’re ready for the potent pathway to sacred love and electric, soul-satisfying sex that fuels your life, welcome to your new home.


Shasta & Ian gave me simple tools that made a big difference for me and my wife. I now understand that she wants to feel supported and seen. They taught me to be more conscious and the little (and big) things I can do to help her feel that way. I’m honestly surprised how much closer we are and how much more connected I feel from this awareness.

- Dr. Adam Eskow

About Shasta & Ian

“I guess we’re getting a divorce.”

When we said our vows, we never imagined our marriage would lead to this: Gut-wrenching fights. Avoiding each other at all costs. Ugliness and resentment.

Neither of us knew that we BOTH felt desperate, frustrated and alone.

And our sex life? Emptier than space!

We tried relationship therapies, couples’ counselling and expensive retreats, but nothing worked. In fact, it only made our relationship worse.

Conventional therapies only amplified our stories about each other, almost destroying what was left of our love.

We both felt broken. And divorce seemed to be the logical solution for the never-ending arguments, lack of intimacy and sleepless nights wondering, “Should I stay, or should I go?”

We knew something needed to change.

That’s when we found the secret to relationship bliss:

We’re The Creators Of Our Reality

And Sex That Wakes The Neighbors

Knowing that, we willingly dove deeper into vulnerability, joy and trust, experiencing new heights of passion, understanding, and rock-solid connection.

And we explored it all through intimacy and sex.

Our results were so radical we plunged even further into neuroscience, Universal Laws, Shamanic Healing, and spiritual modalities that TRANSFORMED our lives and lit our souls (and bodies) on fire.

We couldn’t stop smiling. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Even our businesses skyrocketed!
By taking responsibility and examining the stories we had about ourselves and each other, we created an erotic, abundantly rich, fulfilling marriage and life– simply by eliminating limiting beliefs and unlocking our sacred sexual energy.

Now, we help thousands of men and women heal and experience the same success, unshakeable connection, and powerful bliss through our mentorship, programs, and luxury travel experiences.

Because life’s too short for bad sex, empty romance, and lousy relationships.
Let us show you the path to sacred love and soul-satisfying sexual pleasure. It’s time to finally have it all.

“Having Shasta as a teacher has been an amazing experience. She has helped me reclaim a lost piece of myself. I have developed tools to help me enjoy all the juiciness of life and discover my own worthiness. Most incredibly I know that I am powerful and divine.”

Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor + Wellness Advocate