Amplifying Desire: Exposing Your Blocks to Great Sex

WHEN you hear the word “sex”


What are the thoughts and images that accompany this word?

What do you notice? What do you feel in your body? 

Do you feel a sense of embarrassment, frustration, shame?

If you do, you are not alone.

Sex remains one of the most shame filled and taboo topics on the planet though most people think about it all the time… In this episode, we talk about sex success blocks.

We expose the sex blocks – which are probably ALSO blocking you from what you want in other areas of life. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What exactly is a “sex block” and if you have one (or a few)? 
  • How sex blocks are formed and how you can rewire them out of your mind, body and belief system forever. NOW. 
  • Why your “sex block” is affecting the quality of your sex life AND your life overall! 
  • The inter-relationship of sex, money, success and self-esteem and how improving one area can positively affect EVERTYHING!!!! 
  • The #1 thing you can do to create more success in your sex life which will affect results in all areas of your life. 

This episode could actually be one of the most important things you hear for the success and happiness in all areas of your life… 

Because whatever belief we have about sex and intimacy – that is what’s blocking – that is ALSO the belief that is blocking success in other area of life!