Bedroom Boredom – Firing Up Passion Again

If you feel like sex with your partner has become a chore, and you’d rather watch Netflix, or you are not enjoying sex but feel obligated to be intimate with your spouse and you are wondering how to get that fiery passion again…listen NOW! 

People ask us about this a lot – how to get the passion back… How to overcome bedroom boredom.  

In this episode we share:

  • Why your brain is wired for “novelty” and what that means for your sex life. 
  • Why fantasy, as many sex therapists suggest, may NOT be the answer to getting the fire back. 
  • How to reveal and overcome hurt feelings, resentment and betrayals and feel that early passion again. 
  • How we overcame “routine” sex in our own marriage and have helped hundreds do the same but with this 3-point “formula” that WILL help you get that bedroom rocking again. 

This is also preventative maintenance for those of you who can’t keep your hands off each other! 

Listen now to ensure you keep it fresh, passionate and connected for years to come.