Can Men Be Vulnerable & Masculine?

In His Words – Can Men Be Vulnerable & Masculine?

Being totally vulnerable here…

Surrendering to love was the hardest and best decision I ever made.

As men we are not taught to be that way. I was not taught to be that way.

Tough, rugged even bulletproof is honoured and respected in my family. Maybe yours too?

If you look up “stonewall” in the dictionary my father's face is there.

Self-responsibility. Communication. Compassionate – never things I thought were part of my role as a man and husband.

So, where does that leave us as men?

Craving more from life, living a lie supported by society.

And, also lonely, divorced, addicted and just passing on the same toxic traits to our kids.

The Truth is we all desire love and intimacy on the deepest levels. Sometimes we don't realize it until it almost too late.

Years ago when Shasta and I were near divorce, all my toxic male patterns told me to keep blaming her, to keep building up a wall, and to never admit it could be even a sliver of my fault too.

It was all the bullying of my own fears.

But then I realized the only thing truly scarier than truly devoting myself to her, was the regret that would take over my life if I didn't.

It turns out the most “manly” thing I've ever done is crack my heart wide-open to one woman, and in return it was the most rewarding and affirming experience as well.

The only thing truly scarier than opening to your partner – and maybe even meeting them in that place of euphoria and orgasmic bliss – is the regret that will wash over you as you look back on your life and realize it’s too late.

If you are reading this maybe you know it's time to get some support in breaking through this BS, let's talk, man-to-man.

Decide for your dream… 

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