Collapse Into Greatness – Why Relationship Breakdown is A Door

Nearly getting divorced was the catalyst for a major breakthrough in love, sex and marriage, not to mention money in our lives.

But most people believe the myth that relationships are supposed to fade after a couple years.

Brain science is also telling us that we are wired for betrayals – that the next pretty thing is what we will want – and not our spouse!

It’s all toxic lies, but it’s one most of us believe. 

And, instead of going forward most people, most couples go backwards when they hit a breakdown, boredom or betrayal.

But breakdown is a doorway…

In this episode:

  • We break the myths of relationship, sex and even neuroscience.
  • The real reason relationships languish and what to do about it and even how to overcome your own programming. 
  • You’ll learn what breakdown REALLY is from a spiritual and relational perspective and why COVID-19 is actually a mirror to THIS gift…
  • Get the low-down on 3-steps to shift out of struggle, disconnection and blame, that you won’t hear in therapy!
  • Why your work, kids, family and the pursuits of life are cock-blocking your greatest desires and how to shift that!

We’re all being called to go deeper. Our relationship ought to hold us to the fire.

In this episode you will learn how to plant down and confront the inner “demons” and gobble them up through sex and connection.

Sexual energy is so powerful that it cannot only create new life, it can change the one we have. Learn why it’s a door in this episode!