“Dangerous” Decisions: Why You Need to Make Them Now

“Stop telling people to be safe.

The most interesting people are finding ways to be more dangerous.” Dave Asprey

Unlock the “forbidden” secret of success in life, love, and sex…make Dangerous Decisions!!!!!

Interestingly, 99% of humans are completely confused as to who they are really because they are confused about what is safe and what is dangerous.

In this paradigm shattering episode, we talk about why is being “dangerous” is important, and what being dangerous really means.

We don’t mean Jason Bourne stuff – we mean the decisions that you think you can’t make like sleeping with someone’s husband, leaving your marriage or just finally saying what you reallllly want…

…Like we did…

In other words, giving up the Good Girl or Good Boy “being nice” syndrome that is actually destroying your soul is THE best thing you can do!

  • Learn what happens when you become dangerous and how FAST your dreams unfold.
  • Understand why you should be dangerous to the toxic agreements you’ve unwittingly made.
  • This is your permission slip to greatness!

Listen now to these highlights:

3:22    Danger defined.

7:21    Why being nice is for frauds.

18:25  The jaw-dropper reveal of what we did to be together. Hearts were broken.

24:54  Why you need to break all the rules.

29:36 The true cost of following the rules.

35.24  The only real mantra you need.

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