Differing Desire – Getting What You Want (In Relationship) Part 2

What if we want different things?

What if we have mismatched libidos?

What if we’re on different paths?

These are a few of the most common questions couples ask, and in this episode we answer how you can have your cake and eat it too!

In fact, the answer may surprise you.

The truth is IF you don’t have this ONE THING in common in your relationship, then you should split.

But many of us are focusing on the wrong thing in partnership and sexual relationships, AND we are also mistakenly falling into the “selfless” trap which means no one is satisfied.

  • Discover the #1 thing you need to get on the same page about in your relationship.
  • Learn why differing interests and even differing libidos don’t matter that much IF you have this instead.
  • Understand HOW to get what you want, and understand what your partner wants too so you both feel seen, heard and satisfied x100!