Foreplay Mastery

Taking the time to let things heat up and build anticipation, trust and passion is essential.

Yet, many people rush sex or rush into it. And when it comes to the appetizer of foreplay often men and women don’t see eye to eye and also have different needs.

Are you making foreplay mistakes?

Do you understand what you need to switch on passion and desire?

Do you know what your partner needs for deeply satisfying sex, and foreplay?

In this episode, Shasta and I talk to:

  • The common foreplay mistakes that both men and women make.
  • What foreplay really is all about and why it is often essential to “turn on” the sexual self and and turn off the stress response
  • Practical and powerful tips to create anticipation, passion and desire.
  • How to understand the brain during sex and what foreplay does to the arousal centres that lead to even better connection and orgasm.

This might be the missing piece in your sexual mastery.