Freedom – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

What would I be, do, creative, offer, receive, experience if I was free of fear?

In a time of limited freedom – real or perceived – freedom is the biggest gift to give ourself.

In this powerhouse episode, Shasta and Ian talk about Freedom and why it is not just a concept for special interest groups but ESSENTIAL to truly grasp to live a fulfilling life, and yet also be dedicated and committed to another.

Seem like a paradox?

Listen to this episode where they:

  • Define freedom as being unlimited by the past, the wounds, the projections and the Shadow.
  • Understand why and where you might not be free – take their 30 second self-evaluation.
  • Learn why your brain limits the actual amount of free choice or any choice you think you are making.
  • Hear how the ancient philosophy of Tantra gives you the EXACT blueprint to freedom, and why it includes love, sex and relationship as part of the path!
  • Get your mind blown by why freedom contains boundaries and meaningful limits, and freedom also means negotiating with others and living in the social contract.

Listen Now!

Check out these highlights:

4:00    Why Freedom is so important.

8:50    Why awareness that freedom is even possible is so important.

12:00  How to be free in the TRUTH

18:01  Are you free in who you are?

27:25  The question to find out if you are free.

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