Freeing Women’s Sexual Desire

“The issue is not whether women are sexual or powerful – women are innately both – the issue is whether as women we will be silenced or silence ourselves.”

JLo’s Superbowl performance. The ongoing criticism of women in leadership. The viral video on Be A Lady They Said…

We talk about female desire, sexual expression and the challenge and opportunity of being a woman in 2020…

In this powerful episode we examine why female desire still so triggering in a culture is still so uncomfortable with the sexual, powerful and influential woman.

We examine the negative effects this has on our society and why it affects all areas of culture in unexpected ways, including:

  • Less women will take leadership positions
  • Less women will speak up or create art, innovation, tech.
  • Less women will ask for the sale, demand more money or hold their value.

We look at the solutions including

* We must begin to examine the way we police ourselves, and exit relationships, organizations and partnerships that require us to be quiet, nice or “good” in the exchange for love, money, sex or acceptance.

* We must notice the way we police other women and stop it. We must put an end to gossip, cattiness and mean girls by NOT being one ourselves.

* We must encourage feminine expression – share and support women who are in creator, leader, speaker and innovator positions (and stop tearing them down).

And why white men have a level of psychological safety that women – women of all races and color AND men of color and LGBTQ people, people with disabilities and the disenfranchised have yet to experience in our culture.