How to Be Free IN Marriage: Why Ancient Tantra Might Save Modern Marriage

“The old ball and chain.”

When most people talk about marriage there is an almost sneer in their voice as though you are a sucker for getting married.

With continually growing divorce rates, and changing cultural values why would anyone marry?

In this episode, Shasta and Ian talk about WHY and HOW marriage became THE most freeing experience for them.

They share the ancient wisdom path of Tantra and why it paradoxically might just save modern marriage.

But, there’s a catch…

In fact, there’s the absolute need to focus on one key value and it’s no contempt, keeping score or open relationships.

Listen now to find out what it is…it actually is necessary in every relationship!

You will also learn the correct definition of Tantra, and it may just change the way you look at yourself and the world.

Listen now.

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