How to Be Taken By A Man

Have you allowed yourself to be fully taken by your lover?

Do you crave a 5-star fucking where you feel totally safe to be ravaged?

In this episode, Shasta shares how experimenting with a particular aspect of oral sex allowed her to open up and receive from her lover AND in all areas of life.

If you wish to feel totally TAKEN by your lover listen now!

Both men and women crave a lover who can totally take them, but many of us are resistant and downright scared of receiving at this level.

In this episode we examine:

  • How to truly be taken by a man even as a strong and independent woman and why this is actually ESSENTIAL.
  • How a man can show up for his woman and create the safe space for this to happen.
  • How to create a space for deep connection and vulnerability through sex.
  • Both Shasta and Ian share how they moved past a major sexual boundary in their marriage to create more understanding and depth with each other.