How to Fight Toxic Masculinity – The Shadow Being Shown

With what’s unfolding in the US politics and the rise of hate, white supremacy and plain toxic behavior, we launch Season 2 with a deep dive into the Toxic Masculine.

Are we seeing the rise of Toxic Masculinity right now or the death of an old system.

And if it is on its way out, will it threaten to take us down with it?

In this ground-breaking episode learn:

  • What is toxic masculinity, and how is it changing in 2021.
  • The specific map of how it shows up in love, sex and life.
  • How to know if you have any small pattern of it in yourself – male or female.   
  • The best steps in confronting and curbing toxic masculinity without losing your own centre, and humanity.

We are in a potent time of human evolution and de-programming, but learning to identify, heal and transform these patterns are key for your own life and the legacy of love, connection and authentic expression in 2021 and beyond!

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