How to Keep the Spark During Quarantine – Creating Distance and Desire

Feeling the irritation of intimacy? Of being with your lover nearly 24/7 thanks to isolation and the corona virus? You are not alone.

While many relationship improved during this time, and many more ended up in virtual divorce court, there is a “recipe” to keep desire alive and it means creating both distance and “newness”.

In this episode, Shasta and Ian speak frankly to what they do daily to keep the fire burning but not burning out, as well as what they do to stay in their own individuality and state of peace.

You will hear what research from noted psychologist Esther Perel has to say about DESIRE, and why the pandemic is almost the anti-thesis to it, but how you CAN actually deepen connection now.

You will also hear some unique ways Shasta and Ian are dealing with stress, the loss of travel and being together 24/7.

The sheer experience of being in each other’s presence nearly 24/7 and the way that can grate on the best of couples, but you will learn practical tools in this episode.