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How We Bought a Beach House Even After Loss
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We just bought a beach house. In the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. Mortgage free.

Now, we don't share to brag in anyway. In fact, in some ways, we are just as surprised as delighted.

You see literally the first week of March 2020, (pre-Covid in Canada), we were about to ink a deal on the sale of one of our brick-and-mortar businesses that would allow us to purchase nearly any house we wanted.

And, we did have our eyes on a house in Mexico. 

Then a little global pandemic happened, and our near 7-figure business sale evaporated. Overnight. 

Imagine “losing” close to $1 million dollars. Overnight. Not by any fault of your own. 

Then it actually got worse…

“A friend” convinced us to sell her the business. After some “heart-to-hearts” and legal agreements, we moved forward.

Literally at the 11th hour, said person pulled out of the agreement, and basically took all the information, employees and client lists and started her own business. 

Yes, we had legal agreements. And though Suits is one of our favourite shows, we decided to not pursue a legal suit against her. 

We just took it as a strong signal that it was time to move on. 

We initially felt betrayed but we also saw the Shadow in all of this, AND ultimately, we knew that it was time to make “dangerous” AKA against the status quo decisions, and create some WONDER!!!

So, we closed that brick and mortar business, sold our properties in Canada, hit the road for 2 months (had WONDER-FULL experiences  show up “out of nowhere”), then moved to Mexico (our long time dream) and we just bought a beach house here in the Riviera Nayarit.

It's called Casa Cielo Roso – literally Rose Coloured Sky House.  

It's a testament: 

·         to the power of getting clear, courageous, and saying YES, 

·         as well busting some old Shadow shit 

·         disrupting the pattern of fear, anger and anxiety 

·         and MANIFESTING WONDER, nearly instantly…

Maybe you have seen a lot of Shadow in yourself and others…

Maybe you've felt betrayed, alone, angry and full of disbelief these past year(s)…

Maybe you know it's time for a change, or you want to figure out what you really do want…and experience WONDER again…

We get it.  We can help. 

Because if it's one thing we know, it's how to START AGAIN!

And win when you do!

…maybe you know it's time to get some support in creating your rose-colored dream, so let's talk!


P.S. After the year that was 2021, and its ensuing chaos and change, you have a chance to get honest about what you reallllllllly want AND submit to it with sovereignty, grace and magic.  That's what we help select clients do! Check out successes now.


Yours, In Dark Genius and Love,

Shasta & Ian

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