How to Survive Being Cooped Up Together

We have your survival skills and 10 top tips to survive being cooped up with your spouse!

This is practical and PROVEN success tips. 

These are already challenging times as everyone navigates the constantly changing information and the unknown.

Self-imposed isolation and social distancing as well working from home, if you’re working at all and home schooling can add a vice grip to your relationship.

There are also so many things to manage and fears of infection are not exactly a turn-on, but it’s also important to take the time to nurture your intimate life.

In this episode we speak plainly to this challenging time and how to make it a little more enjoyable as well as share our Top 10 Tips for Being Cooped Up Together.

No one prepared us for what we are experiencing as a global community, but we hope this episode will help make your time at home and in your marriage a little easier.