Indigenous Eroticism – Pre-Christian Sex Was Heavenly

What was sex like before Contact and Christianity fucked it all up?

Is there a perspective of sex, love and intimacy in direct contrast to the Bible that actually empowers you to eat from the Garden?

Are Natives better lovers? Is there something First People’s know when it comes to sex that Christianity actually tried to stamp out?

In this episode we look at our own Indigenous roots on sex and dive into a perspective that is in direct conflict to what most of the world has adopted when it comes to human potential, love and intimacy.

We examine the Christian world view of sexuality, a world view that has actually only been here for a couple thousand years, and in Americas for 500 years, and the Indigenous worldview that was present for nearly 20,000 years.

We share WHY regardless of your race, culture or DNA, understanding and embracing the First People’s view and practices on sex may just be the answer to creating fabulous sex.

In fact, this “secret” was so powerful, church leaders tried to stamp it out forever.

We share that secret and more in this episode.

There was a time when we are all wild, and sex was heavenly, naturally.