Is Polyamory for Cowards?

Think variety is the spice of life?

Believe monogamy is against human nature?

Wondering IF commitment really still exists?

In this premier episode of Season 3, Ian and Shasta speak to why polyamory is for cowards, and why all of the beliefs we have about monogamy will leave you poor, lonely and completely unsatisfied.

Listen now to hear WHY monogamy is so damn hard BUT what can happen when you fully devote so just one person…It’s called The JACKPOT FREQUENCY.

They share how they overcame their own shit to be fully in and why resulted in money, success and healing.

Listen now to these highlight:

4.00  – Why the paradigm of marriage and love might be wrong.

11.20 – The surprising transformative power of dedication and devotion.

15.20 – Why relationship is so fucking triggering, and what to do.

25.51 – Why Shasta sees variety WITH Ian and wants to make love, daily.

31.15 – The truth about The Jackpot Frequency.

40.00 – How to activate to the money, love and sex you want.

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