John Gray – Mars and Venus in the Bedroom

The one-and-only John Gray, best-selling author of the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus series is our special guest and he drops the explosive goods on sex and relationship.

He shares insights on intimacy, sex, relationship and men and women that we guarantee you’ve never heard from him before.

In this transparent and vulnerable interview, you will hear how:

  • Dr. Gray kept his own passionate marriage alive for 4 decades, and how in his 70s he’s still having amazing sex, and possibly reverse aging!
  • Why sex is both so triggering and satisfying, and how to overcome sexual insecurities.
  • The role of The Masculine and The Feminine in relationship and how to balance them both.
  • The role of hormones in sexual desire and how to balance them for greater libido and desire – male or female.
  • What foreplay really is, and how to do it well.
  • How to know if you are actually too Masculine as a woman or too Feminine as a man.
  • Why the Orgasm Gap, and erectile dysfunction is related to your weight!

Listen NOW.