Love or Lust? What Keeps Marriage Strong?

Your spouse might be your best friend but are you still having passionate sex?

If not, you are headed for personal and relationship breakdown.

Find out why and what to do in this episode. 

Much of modern marriage advice tells us passion fades. But that’s dangerous.

In this episode Shasta and Ian debunk this myth and speak to why lust creates love and love creates lust.

They also share why lust AKA passion and desire for your spouse is required to ensure your marriage lasts.  

Roommate/bestfriend style of marriage is headed to a collision course of breakdown, but it can be saved. 

Shasta and Ian speak to:

  • What lust really is and why it is essential in marriage. 
  • How to go from roommates or best friends to sparking sexual partners again.
  • Why sex is the glue in marriage, no matter what.
  • How to cultivate intimate connection and passion again.
  • Should you pee with the door open? And other thoughts on keeping “mysterious”.

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