Men and Intimacy – The Truth About Sex, Intimacy and Masculinity

The #1 thing men tell us they want is intimacy.

Not just sex, but real intimate connection.

So why do we so commonly hear that men want only want sex, and give intimacy in order to get it?

We speak to the false beliefs about men, sex and intimacy and how to create the sparking connection you crave, secretly.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to overcome past conditioning about masculinity and still keep your “man card”.
  • How to create great connection fast in one step – it’s not about date night.
  • You’ll learn what women really want from a man and how to answer that need, and what that will mean for you as a man.
  • You’ll hear how Ian overcame his own fear, defensiveness and beliefs about sex and intimacy and the one shift he made that you can too.
  • 5 Ways life changes for the better when intimacy and sex are amplified.

The truth is that men want intimacy and this episode will help you get it, no matter what’s happened.