Narcissists In Your Bed? Interview with Narcissist Expert, Dr. Ramani Durvasula

1 In 3 people are now classified as narcissists. Yikes!

But what is narcissism exactly? Why is it SO dangerous?

How does it show up in relationship?  Are you sleeping with a narcissist?

Do you sometimes have narcissistic qualities yourself?

In this enlightening conversation, narcissist researcher and clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula shares her wealth of information about narcissism and toxic relationships.

You’ll learn:

  • What is narcissism and how specifically to identify it with these red flags including love bombing.
  • How to navigate narcissists so they don’t destroy your self-esteem in the bedroom or any other area of life.
  • Why narcissists actually make amazing sex partners but terrible life partners.
  • How to create boundaries if you are in a relationship with a narcissist.
  • What Rubber Band Theory is, and how-to identity if someone has really changed.
  • Why infidelity and toxic personality traits go hand in hand, and what to do about it.

This episode will give you a sense of confidence and “emotional armour” to navigate our culture of entitlement, narcissism and meanness.