Personal Freedom Versus Permission – How to get what you really want.

If you weren’t worried about what other people would think, what would you go after?  What do you want in your secret thoughts?

Many of us have judgement, shame and guilt about what we want when it comes to sex, love and money. This means we close off our personal freedom and expression as well as create co-dependent and toxic relationships.

But, how do we be in relationship, and ensure both people are satisfied?

In this episode of Sexellence, we speak to personal freedom and permission and how to:

  • Get clear on what we REALLY want.
  • Heal past rejections when we were told NO, as well as release shame and guilt
  • Talk to your partner about money, sex, growth and what you want without an argument.
  • Stop resentment, fear and patterns of secrecy or complacency so you can create a powerful relationship where both people win.

Also, get our 3-step “script” to talk to your partner about what you really want…without a fight!