Quantum Physics + Sex – Creating An Orgasmic Reality

What does Quantum Physics have to do with sex?!?

We get sexy-science-nerd on this episode.

Sex and science don’t usually go together, but they are perfect bed-fellows.

Learn how to create an orgasmic reality with a simple but powerful understanding of The Quantum Field and manifestation.

In this episode:

  • Understand a fundamental understanding of Quantum Physics and why everything your high school science teacher told you is WRONG and why it is cock-blocking your intimate life now!
  • Learn how to effect reality by how you think and feel and never be the victim of another person’s moods or meltdowns
  • Get the lowdown how to positively influence every person alive, and create reality through thought, intention and SEX MAGIC.
  • Understand why entanglement and entrainment means allows you to positively affect the consciousness of others, especially in intimate