Sex Ed. Part 1 The Secret Sex Life of Teens – What Your Kids are Really Facing that You May Have No Idea About – Interview with a 14 and 18-year-old

Your “little girl” may have seen more penises at age 14 than the Queen of England ever has in her life! 

It’s NOT the same world that you lost your virginity in!

So, what really goes on in the life of tweens and teens?

You might be shocked. We were!!!

You may think you know your kids, but the truth is they are bombarded with sexualized social media, requests for naked selfies and may have more dick pics in their trash than an 80s Playgirl.

Sadly, many teens and tweens have no idea how to deal with the onslaught and are secretly harboring shame, fear and may even be engaging in dangerous sexual activity.

It can all be easily addressed and we can support our tweens and teens if we get over our “Ostrich in sand” approach to talking about sex with our kids or denying that they are becoming sexual.

In this powerful episode, you’ll learn:

  • What’s REALLY going on with your kids including the things your teens are NOT telling you that you need to know.
  • How to handle the epidemic of dick pics, naked selfies and sexual promiscuity in Generation Z. *Hint – preaching abstinence is NOT working!
  • How as parents and elders we can actually support the next generation to have healthy sexual self-esteem and sex lives.
  • Learn how to talk about this all as you hear from two teens exactly what they want to know about sex, love and relationships.