Sex Magic And Tantra:The Mind-Blowing Secrets To Get What You Want In AND Out Of The Bedroom

Discover how to use the sexual energies of the High-Potency Cock and Potent Pussy for multi-orgasmic sex, deeper connection, and abundant success in every part of life!

Orgasms are powerful. They relieve anxiety and deepen bonds through neurotransmitters like oxytocin when we have the Big ‘O.’

But more and more people are discovering that orgasms are so much more: they can literally change your world. 

What Is Sex Magic, Exactly?

Sex Magic is any practice that uses sexual intercourse or orgasm to raise energy, which can then be directed to a specific purpose. By unifying the Divine Masculine & Feminine, energetic power can be harnessed to create the results you want in your life— whether it’s a deeper connection with your partner, wealth, success or influence.

But, this isn’t your typical roll in the hay. Sex Magic is potent because its done with mindful intention by both partners. 

Where people get confused, is thinking that Sex Magic and Tantric sex are the same. 

What’s The Difference Between Sex Magic And Tantric Sex?

Before we can understand Tantric sex, we first need to know the definition of Tantra.

Tantra is an ancient East-Indian spiritual belief system that has been around for thousands of years. Back then, Tantra was considered radical because it taught that the spiritual path can be created, whether through eating, bathing, meditating, exercising or anything else.

But what really set it apart was its belief that sex was also a possible path to spiritual enlightenment. And it took off! Since people could combine sexual pleasure with sacredness, gratitude and intimacy, it became a popular spiritual outlet for many over the years.

So, how does that turn into Tantric sex?

Instead of using orgasm or sex to harness energy towards a goal (like sex magic), Tantric sex is a deeper, creative and healing exploration that’s about more than just getting off. That delicious release isn’t the goal— it’s about worshipping the Divine through sexual service to your partner.

Sounds Good! How Do I Get Started?

As practitioners of sacred sex, Tantric sex, and sex magic, we’ve transformed our lives through these Teachings. And they’ve been a whole lot of multi-orgasmic fun too!

For us, there are two avenues where we’ve been able to heal, tune into our own bodies, deeply connect, and match our frequencies for intense, mind-blowing sex: the High-Fequency Cock (HFC) and Potent Pussy (PP).

Deeper, Steamier Sex With High Fequency Cock

Say goodbye to the 2-minute man! Although HFC sounds like a squirting hot good time (and it is), it’s also about being connected to your partner, completely present with them, and setting an intention for mutual satisfaction until the very end.

Many men have shame about their cock, but it’s important to understand that your penis is a beautiful, amazing source of divine, sexual energy. It’s your point of physical connection to your partner and the sacred itself. If you struggle with this, we challenge you to see your cock as a higher level of connection, service and satisfaction.

Like Ian likes to say, “it’s the difference between fucking, and fucking right.” You or your partner connects with their Johnson mentally to control arousal, erection, and ejaculation which leads to peak sexual bliss. But that’s the hard part (pun definitely intended), so here are some simple steps to start enjoying High Frequency Cock yourself:

1. Make The First Move With Your Cock

Before you can experience the delicious intensity of HFC, you or your partner needs to understand how the cock works. It’s a muscle, just like your arm, and can be controlled. 

Practice squeezing your pelvic floor, like you’re stopping yourself from urinating. The more you do this, the more pleasure you and your partner can have together.

2. Have some solo fun

Once you practiced Step #1, it’s time for some fun for one! When you masturbate, try using your mind to control your arousal and erection. Then, practice stopping yourself from cumming. This will allow you to give your partner longer, deeper pleasure.

3. Set A Powerful Intention For Mutual Satisfaction

Instead of seeing sex as physical gratification for yourself, HFC puts you in service to your partner. It’s an act of worship.

Make a mindful intention that you’ll hold your release for your partner’s pleasure— and wait to ejaculate until the very end. Keep practicing on your own and together, and soon, you’ll experience the profound, intimate ecstasy of High Frequency Cock.

Say Hello To The Power Of The P

Although many men have cock shame, millions of women struggle with their divine sexual energy. From painful periods to smells that are ‘wrong’, women are taught NOT to connect with their vaginas. 

But when they do, it becomes a Potent Pussy— a high vibration vagina.

For Shasta, the first time she looked at her vagina was an overwhelming experience. She felt ashamed and dirty. She knew it was beautiful, but didn’t feel beautiful. But by acknowledging this shame and reflecting on her vagina’s power— its ability to create life and experience pleasure— she was able to connect with this potent place.

Putting The Pussy On A Pedestal

Before the patriarchy took over, people all around the world worshipped the pussy. Women weren’t either mothers or whores. Vaginas were worshipped as the essence of life. By honoring this power, you can express your own life force energy.

So, how can you reclaim this power for yourself, especially if you’ve experienced sexual trauma?

1. Make a conscious decision to heal

Whether you’ve been degraded, abused or sexually assaulted, it’s time to say, “this will NOT be the defining story I have about men and sex.”

2. Acknowledge the pain and trauma 

Don’t run away from the pain. Accept it, forgive yourself for holding onto the pain, and release any stories this experience has taught you about men, sex, and the world.

3. Decide what kind of sex life you really want

Be selfish! What do you want from your sex life? What type of experiences? Get crystal clear and set an intention that you’ll seek ONLY those experiences.

4. Examine messages about feminine energy

Shasta better connected with her Potent Pussy by challenging the ideas of feminine energy being “passive.” She studied older texts that described the feminine as thriving and vibrant, which helped her embrace her power. 

What messages do you believe about feminine energy that may be holding you back?

Once you’ve been through this process, you can start being in service to your partner’s pleasure for hotter, deeper, soul-satisfying sex. Here’s how:

  • Mind-Body Connection: Lay down, breathe slowly, and focus on different areas of your body. 

This will develop a mind-body awareness that’ll help you be more present, deepen your connection, and heighten pleasure with your partner.

  • Pelvic Floor Exercises: Whether you’d like to try Vinyasa Tantric-based yoga where you practice locks, or use Kegel exercises, lifting your pelvic floor by squeezing (like you’re trying not to pee), will pull your energy up into your higher chakras.

Discover Even More Sex Magic And Tantra Secrets

While sex magic and Tantra can transform your relationship into an erotic playground of soul-deep connection and luscious sex, there’s so much more to discover. 

You can turn your relationship into the richest gift of your life, where it fuels your success so you can do BIGGER things than you’ve ever imagined.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d like to offer you an invitation to claim your birthright of sacred love, vast, potent pleasure, and abundance in every area of life.

Book a call with us now. It’s time to awaken and harness your full sexual power.