Soulmate Versus Role-mate

What kind of relationship are you in?

Is it a soulmate relationship or a “role-mate” relationship?

Find out in this episode…

And learn WHY it’s important to create a soulmate relationship for not only lasting love, but also personal fulfillment.

Shasta and Ian will help you get super clear on:

  • What is a Soulmate relationship versus role-mate relationship.
  • How to determine if you are in a soulmate or role-mate relationship.
  • Why role-mate relationships are doomed and what to do NOW to shift things.
  • If you are buying into an outdated belief system when it comes to love, marriage, relationship that is based in totally bogus information, but is extremely damaging.
  • How to overcome resentments and “keeping score” to feel free and loved.
  • How to turn your marriage into an opportunity for devotion, passion and personal fulfillment.

Get the clarity, insight and empowered tools to make your relationship amazing!

Listen now.

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