Supercharged Oral Sex – 5 Things Every Person Should Know

Best oral sex tips for men and women!

Ian and Shasta each share their supercharged practical tools to enjoy giving and receiving oral sex.

They also talk about how after 17-years together they have amped up their passionate connection thanks to WEEKLY oral sex.

Whether you love or hate it, this episode will inspire you to look at BJs and cunnilingus in a new way, and with a new tool set!

In this episode:

  • Get the non-porn pro-tips on supercharged oral sex that will ensure you LOVE giving as well as receiving.
  • Understand how to take a man beyond the edge of orgasm by doing these TWO specific things that Cosmo never told you. 
  • Learn the one secret technique for cunnilingus, that few men know, that creates full body release in a woman. 
  • Hear how you can talk about all of this with your lover with ease, and ask for what you really want without shutting them down.