Happy, Sexy, Shameless

A beautifully written manual that I wish all young women and adult women were given if their mama's didn't tell them about the birds and the bees. Loving, clear, supportive. Thanks Shasta!
Heather Ash Amara
Author of the best-selling book Warrior Goddess Training

Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees

Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees went #1 in it’s category within the first 4 hours of its release on Amazon on February 17, 2015! And, it hit the International Best Seller rankings on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle. Thank you to all who shared it out, shouted out, and purchased this book…The happy, sexy, shameless revolution has begun! #happysexyshameless

About the Book – Your Invitation

In Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mothers Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees, author Shasta Townsend invites women to open up and feel joyful and vibrant about their bodies and sex.

In a voice that is refreshingly daring and overdue, she helps women move past the unspoken “rules” about sexual behavior, so they can embrace their desires with joy and confidence. Topics such as the worn-out definition of “bad girls” and “good girls” are tackled head on with unapologetic clarity, humor and grace.

Shasta Townsend is a renown speaker, teacher and writer who leads intimacy and sexuality workshops around the globe. In Happy, Sexy, Shameless, she mixes personal experiences, interviews, storytelling and research in a genuine style that emboldens women to celebrate their sexuality as an essential part of living a great life.

The discussions are candid, straightforward and to the point. It’s female sexuality communicated in a voice that women have been waiting to hear, and Shasta Townsend delivers. An enjoyable and extremely insightful read, Happy, Sexy, Shameless serves as a permission slip that finally gives women the freedom to:

  • Explore and realize where they may be limited in their sexual self-image
  • Let go of deep-seeded shame and connect with their vibrant sexual self
  • View sexuality as a catalyst for experiencing heartfelt joy and freedom
  • Claim their birthright to have a healthy and delightful sex life
  • Open up and feel joyful about their bodies and sexual wants and needs

Happy, Sexy, Shameless breaks new ground by speaking to women about their sexuality in a style that is intelligent, yet very straightforward and to the point. There’s no tip-toeing or quietly whispering around sensitive topics in a “ladylike” fashion.

Through this groundbreaking book, women will be able to heal past traumas, move past shame, and open up to an exploration of who they really are as a sexual beings. It’s fun and sassy, while intelligently breaking down barriers that have held women back for too long.

There’s no doubt about it. Thanks to Shasta Townsend and Happy, Sexy, Shameless, the conversation about intimacy and sexuality is evolving in a new direction that today’s woman is more than ready for.

A portion of the sales of this book goes to organizations dedicated to stopping the sexual slavery of women and children. Learn more.

Message from author, Shasta Townsend

Dear Friend: Have you or a woman in your life grown weary of the myth, confusion and shame that continues to swirl around female sexuality? I know I was. A couple years ago I was just feeling angry, confused and plain disconnected from my self and my sexual identity. I had a deep spiritual practice but many of the classical traditions inferred that sex was a distraction and desire was a sign you were off the path. This just did not feel right to me. It felt like a denial of what seemed natural and delightful. It seemed to me that sex could be a celebration of life and even the Divine. I was also fed up with the projections I was hanging onto that also felt really old. Some of these had come from my own upbringing, experiences, and beliefs. I wanted to let go of my hang-ups about my body, about intimacy, and about men. I was also ready to release my feeling that I was a bad-girl and maybe a bad feminist because I really liked sex. I wanted to heal the trauma of my past and step into a more powerful relationship with my own sense of happiness, sexiness, and shamelessness. So I started asking questions of myself and of others. This led me to interview dozens of women and a few men about their sexual experiences, beliefs, and learning. In fact, it seemed there were a lot of women out there who, like me, wanted to feel happy, sexy, and shameless who were asking questions and who wanted to learn more. I also studied a lot of current research on female sexuality that confirmed what my intuition and body were telling me—that female desire was normal. Lastly, I just experimented, practiced and figured my way into some amazing discoveries and powerful healings. I found ways to release (no pun intended) the judgment of myself and to integrate my sexuality as well as formulate what that looked like for me as a woman, on my terms and I started writing about it and it seemed people were interested. Really interested so I put it all together in a book called Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees. Though I still have a lot of questions and learning to do myself, I do feel I stepped into a conscious sexuality that is ripe and rich, and maybe in some small way all my questions, research, pain and struggle can help make another woman’s path a little lighter. I don’t purport to have all the answers here but if you take this journey, what lies ahead are some powerful excavations, joyful experiences and some great reflections. So if you’d like to finally bust free from the hushed discussions, and be part of an open and authentic dialogue about what it means to be a free, sexual woman—then you’re about to discover an eye-opening book that completely reshapes the conversation. Learn more about Shasta