The Four Agreements In Love and Intimacy

Love the book?!  > Now listen to how its profound wisdom can be applied to love, sex and relationship.

Ian and Shasta share how they have applied the best-selling book from Toltec elder and wisdom teacher Don Miguel Ruiz in their marriage.

Learn how to:

  • Be Impeccable with Your Word IN Relationship – including how to make promises you can keep, and WHY that builds trust or destroys it.
  • Not Take Anything Personally in Any Relationship – understand why you get triggered and why most people are 100% unaware of their “stuff” and what you can do to stay immune from their “poison”
  • Create Agreements, Clarity and Understanding so you don’t make assumptions that are costly to you and your spouse, and everyone you’re in relationship with, and WHY we often do make assumptions.
  • Always Do Your Best – understand what that really means, while NOT falling into perfectionism or “half assing” it.

Learn how to create personal freedom and relationship joy thanks to the application of this sensational book as applied to love and intimacy.