The Intimacy of Money with David Neagle

“If you have trouble receiving money, it can affect your sex life.”

This quote from success mentor, David Neagle meant we HAD to interview him and learn more.

Listen to our conversation on the interesting topic of  how your sex life actually affects just about every other area of your life.

  • Learn why it really doesn't have all that much to do with the actual act of sex itself, but it has to do with the expression of sex, which is an expression of our own human desire.
  • Understand how your own physical desires, your sexual needs and how comfortable we are or are not in expressing that with ourselves first and then with other human beings may be the reason you feel stagnant or don’t have what you want in career, business and finances.
  • Learn why sex and sales are related too, and how to close more deals because of your sex drive.
  • Hear how some of the most famous and successful people of our time had major sex drives and how they channeled that into stellar results…including Hollywood starlets, business tycoons and popes!

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or an executive we guarantee this episode will give you the insight you might be looking for to create that quantum leap.