The Love and Money Paradox – The Strange Science of Financial Success that Few Know

Creating an up-leveled experience in all areas of life including your intimate life and your financial life is our focus.

Money is said to be the #2 reason for divorce after infidelity so we know this is closely aligned to our success in committed relationships, but what if your love life could actually help you make more money…

In this episode we talk about an age-old secret that few people know or have learned to harness, but you WILL after today’s show.

In this episode, learn

  • Why sex and money are actually closely related energetically.
  • Why your love life might be costing you at work, or in business, and how to fix that.
  • What ancient teachers and recent success mentors are teaching on how to harness Sexual Transmutation to create unparalleled success in all areas of life.
  • How to get the income and intimacy equation working for you asap.