The Modern Goddess – Women’s Secret Yearning

There’s a secret yearning in the hearts, mind and wombs of women…

Few women will admit it, and most men have no idea…

Discover what that secret yearning is and how to unleash the passionate life and 7-star sex you desire…as a woman and a man…

In this episode Ian and Shasta dive deep into this SECRET, and also speak to:

  • What is The Feminine and why is it still so challenging to embrace as women, and men.
  • How women may be shutting down Feminine Power, AND turning OFF men unconsciously.
  • Why WHOLENESS must include a return to the Feminine, and what the heck that looks like in this modern world.
  • What the Prostitute Archetype versus the Love Goddess Archetype is, and why it matters…and how many women fall into The Prostitute unconsciously.
  • Why love, sex and relationship can bring balance and GREATNESS for men and women.
  • How to entwine the polarities of The Feminine and The Masculine.
  • How to start to come into balance and reclaim wholeness – especially in and through relationship.
  • What men can do to honour and celebrate the Real Modern Goddess…that makes them feel like superheroes.

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