The Other 20% – Creating Inter-stellar Intimacy

We expect your homes and investments to appreciate in value so why not our relationships and sex life?

What if your sex life was 20% better??

In this episode we speak to why interstellar sex is essential and how to create it with ease.

You will hear how to :

  • Become “wealthy” sexually and what that really means for richness in life at the deepest level.
  • How to deal with the ups and downs of relationships and sex and the #1 mindset you need to create success, no matter what.
  • What you need to release to step into interstellar sex, and what you need to gain.
  • Why 20% more in any area of life but especially in sex will increase prosperity everywhere.

You’ll also hear how we let go of mediocrity, family patterns and toxic relationships to create a 7-star sex life (yup, even better than 5-star) and you can too!