Til Sex Do Us Part – How to Overcome Desert Size Dry Spells + Disconnection

In this episode we answer one of the most asked question we receive. 

And it’s not “do you like anal?”  No, the most asked question we get is “How do we keep the fire burning” –  that is how to reclaim passion, reignite intimacy and have great sex again or maybe even for the time in your relationship. 

We share how we overcame our own desert sized dry spell and the way we have helped hundreds of others regain passion in their relationship and life, forevermore! 

So, if you are wondering: “sex, what sex?”  

Or maybe you have been in a sex recession, an intimacy hiatus or a breakdown in the bedroom – today is for you. 

In this episode you will learn: 

  • Why it is so common to go from fiery passion to fiery contempt, and how to create passion again even after betrayals, dry spells and affairs. 
  • Why a date night won’t fix things but our formula will, AND you will learn how to prevent the fizzle in the future. 
  • Find out IF you are falling into the #1 trap in relationship and, if so, how to get out asap. 
  • What men really crave – and it is NOT what you think or what Cosmo Magazine may have told you, ladies. 
  • The #1 way to get the fire back that will actually change everything in your life in ways you could not imagine…that’s not an exaggeration!