What is Sexellence?

We’re married income and intimacy mentors who help people have better sex and make more money. (yup, the two are intertwined, but more on that later.)

We created Sexellence for a simple reason: to help you fuck/make love/connect really well so you are happier in your own sexual relationship, in themselves and in every aspect of life….

Because…When you take control of your own pleasure, you take control of all areas of your life. You feel whole again and on fire with energy, passion and potential.

When you have an unshakeable connection with your lover, you feel plugged-in, turned on and tapped in to a goodness that no one can take away.

When you have certainty in your partner and yourself, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the political landscape or what the market is doing because you are A-OK. 

When you are confident in the bedroom, you are confident outside the bedroom. You become a magnet for more money, more opportunity, more joy and more passion…

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Sexellence is the SECRET to great sex and a good life that you may just have been missing…
  • Why GREAT sex matters…to all areas of your life! (and how to start having it again or more often)
  • Why amazing sex does NOT come from the latest toys, lube or positions.
  • How we have created a lasting sex life and relationship even after two decades of marriage…and how you can too!
  • Our manifesto and why we are leading a movement of authentic connection, passionate intimacy, work/life balance and love and romance.
  • How each of us lost our virginity, what our parents told us or didn’t tell us about sex, and maybe even more than you ever wanted to know…but you will entertained…we guarantee!