What it Takes to Be “Dangerous”: How to Break the Rules to Live Well, Especially now!

The only way to get what you really want AND actually fulfill the reason you are on this planet, is to become “dangerous”.

In this episode we share with you HOW to become the well treated woman and the first class man that you long to be AND how to have a totally orgasmic life because of it.

This is not love and light nonsense.

This is the willingness to get honest, real and totally alive!

Think you have what that takes?

Find out in this episode as Shasta and Ian share their list of HOW to become irresistible to the goodness in your life that is actually already waiting for you.

And why you will NOT experience it playing by the rules, and yet, you can break them with real finesse and grace.

Listen Now!

Check out these highlights:

4:44    How to really let go of baggage and think about being “dangerous”

5:55    The soul sucking agreement many men make.

7:55    Why selfishness is underrated and why it leads to generosity.

18:57  The Good Girl must die.

25:20  How to access The Unimaginable 27:35  The one thing that is key to a fabulous life and why the Unknown is the way.

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