What’s Your Sexual Responsibility?

Do you have a sexual responsibility to your spouse?

The answer is YES.

Yet, this is rarely discussed and it can be a triggering topic! 

This is NOT service sex, but it is an essential component of continued connection…

In this episode Shasta and Ian discuss the concept of “sexual responsibility” including:

  • What is Sexual Responsibility?
  • What does this mean in a relationship? Why is it so important? 
  • How do you confront your own triggers, trauma and walls to ensure you are truly showing up for your lover in the bedroom and out. 
  • Is sexual “dysfunction” a stopping point or an opportunity – we talk about erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm and fear of vulnerability in a powerful way.
  • Do men have a different responsibility than women, and what is it exactly?

Find out all the answers now in this raw, transparent and powerful episode.

Listen now.