With a divorce rate of over 50%, and nearly all couples “in trouble” seeking some sort of therapy, there is a pretty clear indication that things aren’t working!

Shasta and Ian share their transparent story of what therapy did to their marriage and sex life, and what they did to repair their relationship, and the damage caused in therapy.

If you’ve tried therapy and felt worse off there is a reason…

If you are a therapist and you feel like you are either not really helping people or even might feel like a fraud yourself because of your own relationship issues, we understand.

This episode is for you.

You will hear:

  • What is the #1 Flaw inherent in the therapy model.
  • What neuroscience and the latest in neurophysiological (brain/body connection) tells us is actually working, and how to hack into that yourself.
  • Why therapy may increase contempt rather than compassion in your relationship, and what a Seinfeld character knew about this…#festivus
  • Why by doing this ONE thing you are making your brain, body and relationship worse off, and yet many people fall under the false belief that it’s what they should do.
  • The #1 thing to do instead of therapy, that WILL save your marriage, your mind and your money!!!

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