Why Soulful Sex is the Best Medicine

How to Reverse Age, Make More Money & Heal

Can better sex make you younger, wealthier and even prevent disease?

Can you Benjamin Button yourself to look better thanks to orgasm?

Can you have great intimacy if he’s soft and she’s dry?


In this episode we dispel many health, age-related and even sexual dysfunction myths.

We tell you HOW to bio-hack your sex life and why you should.

We will also share with you why “average” sex might be making you sick, old and broke, and what soulful sex is and how to achieve it.

Listen to how women can experience more enjoyable sex, and sex that’s good for your skin!

Learn also what men are dying the fastest on the planet, and how you can NOT be one of them.

Listen Now:

2:38 – What is soulful sex versus mutual masturbation.

5.48 – The recipe for soulful sex.

15:17 – What happens to your health when you are unhappy with your sex life.

22:55 – What men are dying the fastest and are the sickest and how sex relates.

26:35 – What happens bio-chemically when women have vaginal orgasms

27:35 – Why non-ejaculation for men makes you younger and more virile.

30:45 – The pandemic and why we need to have great health and great sex.

The Thrive Global article for even more insight https://thriveglobal.com/stories/2119766/

Sex Diary freebie for inspiration www.7starlove.com/secret