Why You Need a Luxury Sex Retreat, Especially Now

Vacations are made for great sex.

After the last 18 months we’ve all had, a fabulous travel adventure filled with soul satisfying connection and memories as well as orgasms to last a lifetime is exactly what we need!

Yet, travel is also inherently stressful. 

With a new world, and a ton of restrictions maybe more so now than ever. 

Compound it with stress in relationships, and your vacation could turn into fertile ground for the biggest argument in your marriage to date.

Yet, intimacy authority and luxury travel expert, Shasta Townsend and her husband, Ian Lavalley, co-founders of 7 Star Love, have just the answer to make your travel and intimacy dreams come true.


Fan Your Fire In Paradise and Ignite the Passion That Lasts A Lifetime

“What’s their secret?”

That’s what people secretly think when couples come home from our exclusive, ultra-luxury retreats. Carefully curated to help couples grow, develop deeper intimacy, and celebrate your life together as a couple, we help couples build a passionate connection that stands the test of time” said Shasta Townsend.

Townsend, one of the top 50 authorities on sex and love on the planet, helps elite couples achieve exemplary results in record time by identifying the unseen factors that contribute to relationship success – in the bedroom and out, and says travel is the perfect catalyzing agent to create connection, foster intimacy and also work on your orgasmic connection. 

These rich, invite-only travel experiences take place all over the world, offering extraordinary accommodations and amenities in the most breathtaking locations on Earth.

Designed to create a feeling of wholeness and expansion, we share powerful Indigenous, psychospiritual and neuroscience teachings so you can create an ecstatic, orgasmic union and a deeply fulfilling life.

“After nearly a year and a half of lockdowns and the major stress of a pandemic, even couples in rock solid relationships are worn out and worn down, as well as just bored. 

“Whether you are in a great relationship or a struggling one, getting away together on a curated, luxury intimacy experience will not only fan the flames of desire, but also satisfy the deepest human yearnings – adventure and connection. Champagne breakfasts, private culinary tours and sea view villas help too!”

According to a poll conducted by Travelocity, 56 percent of couples will book a vacation exclusively for the purpose of keeping the spark alive.

“Luxury travel and fabulous sex go hand-in-hand,” said Townsend.  “We help couples achieve both with ease.” 

You Don’t Need Therapy, You Need a Gourmet Sex Vacation

“Clients will tell us they are not getting along, or that things feel “so-so” maybe there’s no passion anymore, and they feel like roommates.

They want more spontaneity, connection and exploration – they might be at a turning point like when in their lives – kids have left home and they feel stuck.

Therapy is not the answer as it just recapitulates the same old story.  

What couples need is a new adventure together that helps build a new passionate love story, and kickstarts their sex life. 

That’s what our curated intimacy experiences are about. 

They’ll say they aren’t having enough sex, and then they’ll book a travel experience with us, and boom, things radically change.”

It’s not hard to dissect the successful combination Townsend offers. More leisure time means more opportunity to enjoy one another.  Getting away from home means getting away from all the everyday stress and the mundane. A change of scenery might just spark a welcome change of perspective.  

Topped off with confidential and guided relationship support means Townsend’s clients achieve more in one week of first-class intimacy travel than a decade of therapy.

“With the world re-opening now is the perfect time to start considering new adventures, new sights and also new exploration – both in the bedroom and also travel wise.

Who doesn’t want fabulous sex, deeper love and upscale travel – especially now. They are the perfect combination for healing mind, heart and body.”

So, what does Townsend’s luxury sex vacation include? 


Deeply Fulfilling Intimacy, Love & Sexuality 

Build long-lasting closeness and intimacy with personal mentoring from world-leading sex-perts and married relationship consultants, Ian & Shasta. With a sacred mix of relationship and sexuality teachings, you’ll permanently deepen your connection, experience hotter, soulful sex, and feel more fulfilled in your relationship than ever before.

Luxurious Amenities & The Highest Standards Of Service

Prepare to be pampered in a slice of paradise. Whether it’s a lush estate in Italy or a private Mexican oceanfront, each retreat is held in a pristine location with premium amenities and concierge services only available to a hand-selected group of attendees.

Effortless Arrivals & Tailored Services

Relax and renew with every detail handled on your behalf so you can focus on what’s important– each other. From meticulously maintained spaces to spa treatments and soothing massages, you’ll be treated like royalty while your relationship heats up.

Sparkling culture, food & beverages

Replenish your mind and spirit with nourishing gourmet fare, delectable wines, and culture that lights your imagination on fire.

Like-Minded Couples On The Path To 7-Star Love

Indulge and explore Teachings that ignite a breakthrough in mind, body and spirit.

Townsend says couples won’t just come home feeling excited for their future together, but that what they learn will also release limiting beliefs holding them back and once these are gone a level of greater joy, success and fulfillment takes over – as well as those sizzling hot memories of sex on the beach even at midlife!

Learn more at www.7starlove.com or contact Townsend direct at shasta@7starlove.com and find out how good it can be.