Why Your Ancestors Were Having Better Sex + What Indigenous Cultures Can Teach Us About Love

Are you unsconsciously blocking hotter, wilder sex and a deeply fulfilling love life?

Discover the Indigenous wisdom that’ll put the ‘wild’ back in your heart (and bedroom). 

Think swiping right and ‘Netflix and chill” are today’s romantic ideals?

What if there was another story?

One that liberates our sexuality instead of limiting it with dull, toxic, pre-set rules?

How Our Stories Stop Us From Living Hotter, Sexier, Successful Lives

As BIPOC sexual experts and married intimacy consultants, we know how uplifting and enlightening it is to discover a new understanding about sex, love, and life.

We’re both Indigenous people from Canada. Shasta’s background is Cree Métis and Ian is a revered Algonquin leader. However, it wasn’t until we both dove deep into our cultures that we discovered harmful stories within ourselves, inherited from Western thought. Stories that held back our success, blocked our connection, and negatively impacted our sex life.

How? Under the patriarchy that’s ruled for thousands of years, there’s a specific worldview: dominance of sex is sexual expression. To dive a little further, toxic masculinity still teaches men that strength commands respect and emotions = weakness. 

Toxic femininity also has an impact. It keeps women from living their true potential, because it teaches them that standing up with a strong, passionate voice isn’t valuable or attractive to men. Plus, it pushes the belief that women who enjoy sex are dirty and shameful. 

By inheriting these stories, we limit our relationships, our sexuality, spiritual fulfillment, businesses and life. 

But here’s the good news: you can CHOOSE to break free from these limits and start unleashing your full potential in the bedroom, work, wealth, relationships, spiritual ascension and success.

What Happens When The Divine Masculine And Feminine Are Repressed

In North American Indigenous wisdom, there is a deep appreciation of nature. It understands the life force that Mother Nature gives us and the planet. However, in Canada’s past, many Indigenous families were torn apart by the government, put on reservations, and forced to adopt Western Christian values. Catholicism swept through Indigenous communities, and people had to hide or forget their ancestor’s teachings.

Ian grew up with this dichotomy. On one hand, he was taught to have a strong connection to the land. He was shown how to hunt and fish, and his grandfather was a respected guide in Algonquin Park— one of Canada’s most beautiful nature getaways.

On the other side, he also grew up with a religion that teaches about heaven and hell, and a doctrine about sex that preaches shame around sex. This led to his role models expressing themselves in toxic ways, through affairs, cheating, and harmful sexual behaviors.

When We Were Wild

Today, through our healing, we’ve connected to Source, the Earth and Spirit— like our Indigenous ancestors did. Unlike the story of Adam and Eve, who were shamed and ejected from the Garden of Eden for sexual expression, there’s no eviction from the divine. Women aren’t evil temptresses. Nature isn’t to be feared and there’s no vilification of the human body. These beliefs have been around for millennia, and perverted our ideas about sexuality.

Whether you’re a fisher, hunter, shaman or medicine woman, First nations wisdom teaches that you’re constantly connected to your spiritual Source.

Like Cree author, Tomson Highway says, this Biblical story severs the connection to our bodies and nature. We take it a step further— we believe these stories cut off our divine connection to Source energy. 

By confronting the beliefs we’ve been taught by media, religion, or generational patterns, we’ve discovered that sexuality is a spiritual experience. This shift was powerful for us, opening a new pathway to sacred love, connection to the divine, and hotter, wilder, sexual-spiritual bliss.

The Stunning Connection Between Different Sexual Worldviews

First nations people weren’t the only ones who discovered the connection between nature, spirit and sex. Ancient eastern practices like Tantric lineages align closely with their beliefs. The body was seen as a sacred gateway and sex was the key to accessing the divine.

Like other cultures found in areas of Sudan, New Guinea and the Philippines, women were also figureheads in Indigenous communities. Some were chieftains, while others were spiritual leaders. The plumbing between your legs didn’t define roles or acceptable behaviors that we still see now. And without gender dominance, sexual crimes were a much rarer occurrence.

Bringing The Wild Back Into Your Relationship

In a lot of Indigenous cultures, being a fantastic lover is just as natural as eating or drinking. It’s a normal, easy part of life. It’s not a duty— it becomes an honor. In fact, you’re more respected for being a great lover!

Take a page from the Haida people off the coast of British Columbia who lived together in longhouses. For them, sex wasn’t a dirty secret that was hidden away. They made love when and where they wanted, even around their parents and kids. Now, we’re not saying to get arrested by having sex in the open, but we ARE saying to claim your sexual power. 

You are a sexual being. It isn’t just a way to get off. Relish your sexual expression. Delight in it! Break free from the idea that sex is filthy and shameful. When sex becomes a channel for emotional, mental and spiritual well-being (along with physical pleasure), your life explodes with richness. Your relationship becomes a launching pad that propels you to do BIGGER things. 

You feel loved, desired, and supported, which lifts you up in your career, your business, and your goals. You become a sex-positive role model for your kids and the rest of the world. And you tap into deeper meaning, power and purpose with a connection to the divine. 

Start Having The Sex You Were Meant To Enjoy

Going through this journey was life-changing for us. Feeling sexually satisfied and deeply connected has fueled our lives. It has skyrocketed our wealth, success, intimacy, trust, spiritual fulfillment and overall happiness.

That’s the power of sexual energy within you right now. It doesn’t just create life, it can literally change the one you have. 

And we want you to experience it for yourself. If you’re ready to have the best sex of your life, build an unbreakable connection with your partner, and experience the abundance of sacred love, book a call with us now. 

It’s time to get back to nature and celebrate your sexuality as the gift it really is.