Why You’re Not Getting What You Need with Relationship Expert, Ken Bechtel

Most people never feel truly satisfied when it come to their desires – both in the bedroom and out.

This results in relationship breakdown, affairs, health issues and a life of regret and neglect.

Humans are wired to have desire yet it can feel so challenging navigating our needs in life, love and sex and relationship experts, Ken Bechtel shares a formula to feeling fulfilled in all areas of life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why we all need to look at where we are getting validation.
  • How to ask for what we want and need and add THIS specific piece to the request.
  • Why getting what you want is good for everyone.
  • How to think about relationship like a teeter-totter and ensure everyone has a “pay off”.

Ken shares the #1 thing that is NOT happening in communication and relationship that keeps you frustrated.