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You have it all— almost. When it comes to love, you’re done feeling disconnected, misunderstood, and unfulfilled.

You’re craving an unbreakable, unshakeable love connection. And hotter, luscious, soulful sex so cosmic it’s a holy union.

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7-Star Love & Sex calls you to go deeper; to destroy the limiting beliefs and stories blocking you from the extraordinary relationship you want.

To do that, you need mentors who embrace the Divine Masculine & Feminine— experts who will ground you, love you, and open your pathway to sexual-spiritual bliss and soul-deep love.

We’re here to help singles and couples like you truly have it all.

Your sexual energy is so powerful it doesn't just create life, it can change the one you have. It 10X’s your wealth. It unlocks creativity. And it starts here by claiming it for yourself.

“Having Shasta as a teacher has been an amazing experience. She has helped me reclaim a lost piece of myself. I have developed tools to help me enjoy all the juiciness of life and discover my own worthiness. Most incredibly I know that I am powerful and divine.”

Dr. Sarah Baxter, Chiropractor + Wellness Advocate

“I gained insight and growth I wasn’t expecting. I realize the importance of connecting to myself and my partner in order to create the life I want.”

Deanne Gutierrez, Entrepreneur

Ways To Work With Ian & Shasta

Are You Single?

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The Alluring Woman

In this personalized women’s program, you’ll get clear on what you REALLY want, and heal the unconscious obstacles blocking you from the lover of your dreams.

Using a proven mix of neuroscience, Shamanic Release, Archetypal Healing, and more, you’ll experience a deeply transformative breakthrough that puts a permanent end to soul-destroying, sex-poor relationships.

You’ll know exactly how to attract a passionate and committed lover, and discover the secrets to rapidly magnetize them into your life!

The First Class Man

Designed specifically for men, this custom experience will clarify your ideal lover, and help you resolve the subconscious patterns holding you back from meeting, loving, and committing to them.

Using a proven mix of neuroscience, Shamanic Release, Archetypal Healing, and more, you’ll experience a deeply transformative breakthrough that ends unhealthy relationships and disappointing sex for good.

You’ll discover how to attract the sensual, devoted lover of your dreams and the secrets to quickly manifest them into your life!

Year-Long Transformational Mentoring

The Alluring Woman

Ultra Embodiment Mentoring

In this premium 12-month private program, you’ll have personal support to fully embody and transform into The Alluring Woman. This groundbreaking approach doesn’t just prepare you for sublime love and sex; it also unleashes your divine sexual power for an orgasmic life.

This is deep, elite mentoring that grows your potency so it radically upgrades every aspect of life, including Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, Sacred Sex, and becoming an irresistible, dream-worthy 7-Star Lover.

The First Class Man

Extraordinary Performance & Mentoring

Working closely with Shasta and Ian, this 12-month premium mentoring program gives you personalized support to become a First Class Man in every way possible.

From limiting beliefs to physical prowess to unprecedented sexual pleasure, you’ll master every area of life, awaken your divine sexual power, and attract long-lasting, soul-satisfying love.

Are You a Couple?

Begin With The

Extraordinary Intimacy


Craving steamy, soulful sex and a deeper, more satisfying connection with your lover? You’ll fan the flames with this revolutionary customized program.

Applying a unique blend of Universal Laws, Indigenous practices and psychospiritual methodology, you’ll heal relationship wounds and experience a radical boost in closeness and understanding.

In just 30 days, you won’t just be having the hottest, most tantalizing sex of your lives— you’ll develop next-level intimacy and unbreakable trust.

The Orgasmic Marriage

A Year-Long VIP Experience For Alpha Couples

Do you dream of having an ecstatic union with your lover that leads to deepening love and juicy, erotic bliss? 

In this exclusive 12-month program for power couples, Shasta & Ian show you how to amplify your intimate life and enjoy sex as a deeply transformative, thrilling, and explosive experience together– no matter how busy, frustrated, tired, or lonely you feel now.

If you want to become the hottest, sexiest, most soul-connected couple you know, this is the fastest path to an orgasmic marriage that revolutionizes the rest of your lives!

Are You Craving A Life-Changing Experience In The Lap Of Luxury?

Luxe 7-Star Retreats
& Travel Experiences

Luxury Travel For 7-Star Love, Romance & Sex

Prepare to be pampered and transformed in paradise– and return so elated, so committed, so connected to each other everyone wants to know your secret.

These rich, ultra-exclusive travel experiences are curated so you grow together, activate your sacred sexual energy, and build a rock-solid connection with your lover in the most breathtaking locales on Earth.

“You made it easy! Creating a great relationship is not Mt.Everest. You gave me hope and so many tools. I can’t believe that in only 3 months things are so different. We’re connected. We’re having fun together. We’re talking about things with ease that we use to argue about and we’re even planning our future including a potential business together! I am so glad I did not give up. I am so glad I overcame my resistance, trusted you and did this!”

- Sara Best, Nutritionist, Emotional Eating Coach

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